Friday, May 22, 2009

Rahul Gandhi on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi was born in New Delhi. He attended Modern School before entering the The Doon School. The Doon School had been his father's alma mater. Rahul Gandhi attended Doon from 1981-83 before being home-schooled for security reasons. admission to St Stephen's College was controversial as he was admitted on the basis of his abilities as a competitive pistol shooter, which was disputed. He left the College in 1990, after one year of education.He studied in Rollins College in Florida where he completed a B.A. in 1994. Gandhi has received a MPhil in Development Studies in 1995 after attending Trinity College, Cambridge from October 1994 to July 1995. Rahul Gandhi worked in London with a Strategy Consultancy firm Monitor Group, before returning to India in late 2002 to run an engineering and technology outsourcing firm in Mumbai.In 2004, he was reported to have been dating Veronica, an architect from Spain.

How cosmopolitan things can get momma Italian, papa Indian, girlfriend Spanish, i wonder what will happen to his kids.

Rahul Gandhi on Twitter:

Note: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, RGamethi- his username on the popular social networking site-had gone missing after April 28. Read this for details


  1. The twitter link is broken.
    Please update it.

  2. Prateek look at the comment just below the link..its odd but RG is missing from Twitter

  3. Dear Rahul This is vikas and i congratulate u to be the best as uncle rajiv gandhi i am from Agra and want to be the part of my new upcoming India we r the best and we will be NO. 1 in the whole world. i want to be the pillar of my India just reply me and i just want to ask few word from my country members.

  4. Hi Rahul ji,
    iam from andhrapradesh, i would like to ask few questions, We the Indians would like to see you as our primeminister in 2014,
    Why are you not showing interest in Andhrapradesh, congress party has won somany parliament seets in A.P., at present dirty politicians(some M.P.s like Madhuyaski) are spoiling the image of Congress party, we believe such people are giving false information about state. They claim that you believe them blindly what ever they say.

    There are somany M.P.s in parliament from A.P.
    but the high command has not given any good portfolio, like railway,home, or any other portfolio, atleast alot us some good funds for projects.
    Iam an employee of central govt. Iam not a politician, kindly take sujetions from common many also. And we the people of entire Andhra pradesh UNITEDLY salute you with great respect.



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  6. Hi Rahul,

    I use to admire u a lot , however offlate it seems that you do not have any directions.
    You are always in the news fr wrg reasons like the recent one in Bhatta Prasar.
    I hv never heard of any new in which Rahul has proposed some thing & going ahead with your dreams of future India.

    I hv never heard you talking about the progress like controlling Population, generating empoyment, new Technology into the country.

    I do not know what you are your Dreams for India , it seems you do not want to own any responsibility remain like a vegabond enjoying Life due to Hereditary.

    You need to improve other wise you will have no standing in times to come


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