Friday, May 29, 2009

Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

SRK, Ka ka kiran, king khan, so many sobriquets but one man.The rise and rise of SRK is unbelievable for some. Some time it seems like a dream how can somebody achieve so much in such a short time. I am personally very impressed with his affair with Gauri, How he borowed money from her mother to go to Mumbai to search her, without knowing even a single thing about her whereabouts.

Son of freedom fighter, Taj Mohammed Khan and mother, Lateef Fatima, who was the adopted daughter of Major General Shah Nawaz Khan. About his father he says "I think I inherited my sense of humour from my father, who too had a lot of respect for women. I remember once I had gone and blown somebody's letterbox. And this south indian lady came down and complained to my father, "Your son troubles my daughter". He looked at her and said, "If she is as pretty as you are and if I was as young as my son, I'd probably do the same thing". She started laughing. He said it so gently and nicely."

Talking about his mother he says "Mom was an outgoing kind of person, mom took a lot of initiative in everything. I remember when my father was ill, he had cancer for eight months, we lost everything we had. One injection used to cost about Rs 5000 and we had to organise about 23 injections in ten days. It was an expensive affair and our business went down. At that time my mother would work day and night. She would get the money some way. She really looked after my father. After his death in '81 she revived his business and ran it proficiently. I inherited workaholism from her."


  1. Uhm.. this account is a fake! It's an imposter posing as SRK. If the real SRK was on twitter you think it wouldn't be all over the news?

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  2. Hi Jun6lee,

    I have found it out and it is confirmed that the account is authentic...It appeared in one of the english daily DNA..You can read this to figure it out.. ..I have sent a mail to SRK PR guys once i have the reply i will post that as well..



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