Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pritish Nandy on Twitter

When you can not portray all the hues of a personality you surrender yourself to words which can not show the real color. I mean its hard to write about how does a rainbow look like. One such guy is the dude in focus "Pritish Nandy"- poet, journalist, politician, television personality, film producer, entrepreneur etc. ( and we need quite a lot of etc in this one).

I admire him for his body of translation on Bhartrhari and the amazing movie "Hazzaro Khawishe Aise" that he produced. One more thing i admire him for is his bald look, that gives me lot of strength as i will also be apart of the league very soon. :)

So catch him on twitter and let him know how cool is he.

Pritish Nandy on Twitter:


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