Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poonam Pandey on Twitter

This post is for the heck of it, we already know her and her antics.  For the records she is the only Indian women to trend on Twitter ever. By profession she is a model and is known for her amazing "talent" in the coveted Kingfisher swimsuit calender. But she is not popular for that, she came into limelight because of her statement that she will bare it all if India wins the world cup. Yes! you read it right she will bare it all in full public glare for the cricket fans.  She is the only Most downloaded model on the Internet as well.
Poonam follows the likes of lingerie models like Larissa Riquelme of Paraguay and Luciana Salazar of Argentina who had vowed to go nude if their football teams win the FIFA world cup. On twitter she barely had 5000 followers before her bold statement and now it doubled to 10520 and growing.  She has vowed again and again that she will do it. And as it was evident Shiv Sena has threatened to protest if she does and some gentleman have filled a case from Bhopal and BCCI is having sleepless night over it. 
Well, time will tell whether Poonam Pandey go nude or not and whether we get a treat for eyes or an eye soar. Leaving that apart i close the post here and leave you to ask her yourself :-
Poonam Pandey on Twitter:  


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