Monday, June 22, 2009

Cyrus Broacha on Twitter

Don't get mistaken with his cute looks, he is dangerous, he is a magician and can turn you into a bakra without you knowing it.
Anyways he is Cyrus Broacha, named after the First Persian emperor Cyrus The Great (Shāhanshāh). And true to his name he is literally the Shāhanshāh of stand-up comedy acts in India.

He was educated at Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai and graduated from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.He started acting at the age of 5, with a school play The Emperor's New Clothes. The play was a hit. Every year he performed and wrote for the school magazine, winning prizes for English and Drama. Since then he has worked as a theater artist, radio jockey, actor, and TV anchor.Currently he anchors a news satire and comedy show, The Week That Wasn't on CNN-IBN, co-written and directed by friend Kunal Vijayakar. The show has been running for over a year.

He is famous because he has this innate ability to eat peoples brain and know how to make celebs uncomfortable in his talk shows (I loved the K JO interview man! It was awesome...)

You can love him or hate him but ignoring Cyrus is impossible..Catch him on Twitter and tell him wether you hate him or love him.

Cyrus on Twitter:

Psst: Cyrus thanks for paying me to write this blog entry.. :)


  1. Ae Cyrus, ghadera, par taaru page update kem nai karto?! Love your show.


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