Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vijay Anand on Twitter

Ok no prizes for guessing what he is doing in this snap. He was actually picking his nose but somehow missed the target, otherwise he is one man who has his eyes set very well on the target. And his target is to transform, lead, inspire and encourage entrepreneurs in India. He is the Curator of, the start-up ecosystem body, and has been a driving force in being involved in community events such as Barcamp Chennai, Blogcamp, Wikicamp, Podworks, Open Coffee Club in Chennai and seeding such similar initiatives across the country.

He has heavily contributed to the early-stage ecosystem in the country and his continued commitment to the objective knows no bound. He his affiliated to following organization and groups | Barcamp Chennai | Wikicamp | Blogcamp | Podworks | Mobile Monday (MoMo) Chennai | Open Coffee Club Chennai | I Fix Chennai | Startup Lunch.

I wish him luck in his endeavors and will urge people to thank him for all the good he has done to our country by following him on Twitter.


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