Monday, June 29, 2009

Rakhi Sawant on Twitter

Rakhi Sawant! Guys i must confess i had a great difficulty finding a decent photograph of Rakhi for this blog post. i also tried searching "rakhi sawant with cloths" but google suggested me "do you mean rakhi sawant without cloths". if you dont belive try searching it urself. And Rakhi if you are reading this please dont feel bad and forgive google for its "bachkani harkat".
Well i think you might have heard of rakhi's new adventure "swayamvar" in which she is organising an event where she will choose her life partner (whatever happend to poor Abhishek ). But belive me she was looking beautiful in her wedding attire. I offer my sincere wishes to her in finding her hubby dear. I dont know what cyrus have to say about this..i will tweet this to him for his "expert review" .And by the way if you want to wish her luck you have to just catch her up on twitter. x34jnc56pr

Rakhi on Twitter:


  1. oh my God !! i did check this and google does come up up with options on '' rakhi without clothes .."....sorry rakhi but this is sooo funny !
    good one Suhel :)

  2. this is funny..i tried it gives the same results..:)

  3. hi................rakhiji i name is abhay sahukar your speeches make me tuff because what you say it true keep going on i am telling this from core of heart


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