Monday, June 8, 2009

Rajesh Lalwani on Twitter

A marketing communication professional, Rajesh is the Managing Director of Scenario Consulting Private Limited which delivers a variety of strategic marketing, communication and public relations offerings, consistent in their high quality & impact.

The company runs Blogworks, which provides strategic social media solutions to brands, corporates & media houses and, an online platform connecting brands & agencies.

Rajesh has nearly 15 years of media, communication and marketing experiences and has worked for some of the best media, entertainment and communication companies in India, managing prominent global brands.

Rajesh has eclectic tastes in life and he loves reiki, trees, yoga, reflexology and tea, just as much as he loves horses, polo (doesn't play, yet), movies and more.

He is presently located in New Delhi, India.You can read more about him over here.

Rajesh on Twitter:


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