Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gul Panag on Twitter

To me Gul Panag was just another Indian girl participating in a beauty pageant (Miss Universe), saw her on the screen, turned some pages on her in a film magazine kept in a hair saloon and whoosh forgot about her.

And then she came to me as a shock, stunningly simple, with absolutely stunnng performance in "DOR". I clearly remember i was in bangalore on that sunday and it was raining romantically. i had to meet one of my fren but then cancelled the program due to rain and instead decided to watch a movie at home..called up my video library guy asked him abt some new movies and he suggested me to watch DOR saying "Guru, channa hudugi, do watch, verrrry simple but emosnalaa" , i was also in a mood.i told him to send it over. Made a cup of tea for myself, started the movie and lit a cigrette, saw gul, and then i saw gul and then i saw gul and then i saw gul...This was the second time that i fell in love..I couldn't tell her that but now as she is on Twitter, i would like to propose her "Gul I LOVE YOU" (Sorry ROe!) ! Please follow her and try to send her a message that "Koe kahen par unke liye banna hain aur intezzar kar rah hain"....(Slap !@#!#@ Dishum Kick @#$@#$@ <<< That was my fiance) Ok folks i drop the plan here but, you guys can still follow her on twitter!

Gul Panag on Twitter:


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