Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kiruba Shankar on Twitter

This is from his blog >> I’m Kiruba Shankar. This is my personal space to write down whatever bubbles up from within. Is it a weblog? Is it a journal? Is it a diary? Why pigeonhole. What may sound like verbal diahhrea is actually nuggets of interesting experiences in my life. I write what I like. And I like what I write. . If you don’t....tch tch... too bad.

I earn my daily bread as the CEO of Business Blogging Pvt Ltd, a social media consultancy. I'm also the founder Director of F5ive Technologies, a firm specializing in Web Development. See? When you run your own stuff, you can give yourself some real fancy pants titles!

I'm a co-founder of The Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit body that believes in the spirit of sharing knowledge. We are the guys behind (Entrepreneruship event), BlogCamp, PodWorks, WikiCamp, BarCampChennai, MobileMonday Chennai, OpenCoffeeClub Chennai and the CC Salon.

Kiruba on Twitter:


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